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Welcome to Taipan Publishing Group. Our diverse selection of financial research services helps investors boost short- and long-term gains from today's global market boom. Our reliable team of financial analysts exposes top stocks and emerging markets trends so you can turn investment opportunities into a personal fortune. Learn more about us as a financial market research publisher. If you're looking to increase long term gains from your property investments it makes sense to consider a remortgage to take advantage of historically low mortgage interest rates - they may not stay this low forever!

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Wealth Legacy Advisory - Build Your Legacy of Wealth

Gain the education needed to build a valuable and unique legacy of wealth

Forget the “get rich quick” hype. That’s Joey McBrennan’s thinking as editor of Wealth Legacy Advisory , a unique and brand-new investment service ...


Where is the Value in the Precious Metals Sector?

Even despite the tremendous recovery in precious metals shares, I still find value across the entire spectrum. The various indices (HUI, XAU & as well as my proprietary junior index (...


Obama’s Rolled-Up Sleeves Have Me Buying Butter

President Barack Obama and his teleprompter have hit the campaign trail, again, to talk about why America stinks because it doesn’t pay for everyone’s healthcare coverage. Yep, with his sleeves rolled up and a knack f...


Taipan's New Growth Investor - Exposing Market Leaders

Capitalizes on growth-oriented stocks and long-term investment recommendations

Taipan's New Growth Investor is a premium investment market service for investors interested in companies in the “New Growth” stage. Written by Ed...


The 3 Best Technology Stock Picks for 2010

Sign up now to receive your copy of Taipan's Publishing Group's latest investment market report with the three best technology stock picks for 2010.

Read about these three technology stock picks here.

Hot Emerging Market: South Africa


Sign up now to watch South Africa: From Crisis to Opportunity.

In this free documentary global traveler Sara Nunnally travels to the next hot emerging market in search of investment opportunities in infrastructure and mining.

Free gift: Sara’s Special Report. Includes two unique investment opportunities surrounding South Africa's precious metals and mining sectors.

Editorial One-on-One

Get to know Taipan's Currency Profits Trader Editor, Michael Sankowski

Currency Profits Trader Editor Michael Sankowski

Learn more about Michael's financial analysis background and FOREX trading predictions during his one-on-one interview with Executive Publisher, Sandy Franks.

You'll learn how Michael uses foreign currency supply reports to analyze stock market trends and prepare for the 2010 U.S. dollar rally.

New - American Wealth Underground

Meet Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson, Editor of American Wealth Underground, sat down with Executive Publisher, Sandy Franks for a one-on-one interview. Watch this 10-minute video to learn more about him, the term new Washington Technology syndicate and more about his new service American Wealth Underground. Watch the Michael Robinson one-on-one interview.

Featured Special Report

Options Blackboard Guide: Part 4

Who’s Selling Options Anyway?

Want to learn about trading options? Read part 4 of the Options Blackboard Guide by editor Adam Lass to discover the Micro and Macro reasoning of options and why anyone would want to sell them to you in the first place.

Don't miss part 4 of this How-To series. Begin reading "Who's Selling Options Anyway" now.

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Date Event Location
August 30 Options Blackboard: Episode 1 On-Demand w/ Adam Lass
September 6 Options Blackboard: Episode 2 On-Demand w/ Adam Lass
September 21 Options Blackboard: Episode 3 On-Demand w/ Adam Lass
October 6 Options Blackboard: Episode 4 On-Demand w/ Adam Lass
March 16-20 Investment University 2010 San Diego, California

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