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Premium Market Investment Services

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Maximize your investment returns with our financial publishing services

Whether you consider yourself an investor or a trader, going at it alone in the market is risky. That's why Taipan Publishing Group offers a variety of investment market research services covering stock market technical analysis and financial commentary.

For over 20 years, we have delivered financial newsletters covering the latest global stock market news, latest options trading recommendations, and hottest commodities. Our global network of financial experts and editorial analysts offers specific stock market recommendations... with varying degrees of safety so you can find the best investment strategies to build your financial portfolio.

The Taipan Publishing Group editorial team has developed an array of financial services newsletters. Each one is different, but they are all designed to deliver the highest returns with the safety you need in today's volatile markets.

Taipan's Safe Haven Investor: Reduce Downside Risk and Lock in Long-Term Profits

Taipan's Safe Haven InvestorIn Taipan's Safe Haven Investor, Editor Kent Lucas seeks sectors that generate long-term wealth creation and capital preservation. He primarily focuses on low-risk equity investments to generate double-digit returns.

To uncover the best short- and long-term opportunities, Editor Kent Lucas looks at all sectors including diversified industrial companies, autos, machinery, farm equipment, etc.

Learn how to legally "trick" a mutual fund into paying for your retirement.

American Wealth Underground: Uncovering Low-Risk Investment Opportunities

Michael Robinson's American Wealth Underground Editor Michael Robinson digs deep to uncover the hidden wealth opportunities in the information technology industry and government contracting sectors. Michael believes these sectors can save the American economy and includes several companies with strong track records in the American Wealth Underground portfolio. Follow Michael as he discovers the low-risk investment market opportunities for you to hold on to your money and watch it grow even as the economy stumbles.

American Wealth Underground readers saw gains of 67% on Addax (AXC:TSE), 55% on GeoEye, Inc. (GEOY: NASDAQ) and 59% on Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Co Ltd (0763:HK) .

Be prepared to drudge through the trenches and uncover the truth behind the biggest moneymaking opportunities in the market with American Wealth Underground .

Find out how touch-screen technology could make you a millionaire.

Wealth Legacy Advisory: Educating Investors on Building a Legacy of Wealth

Wealth Legacy Advisory logo

Wealth Legacy Advisory is a practical, step-by-step, real-time education in long-term wealth creation. That’s Joey McBrennan’s thinking as editor of Wealth Legacy Advisory, a unique and brand-new investment service offered by Taipan Publishing Group.

Editor Joey McBrennan shows readers how to seize specific opportunities to reap solid returns, with minimum risk. With the aid of these wealth-building strategies, tactics and techniques, readers can take a more conservative approach that builds not only wealth but a legacy of wealth..

Check out this brand new service – and begin building your legacy of wealth.

Discover a commodity more valuable than gold.

Taipan's New Growth Investor: Growth-Oriented Stock Market Leaders

Zach Scheidt's New Growth InvestorTaipan's New Growth Investor unveils the latest growth-oreinted stocks and long-term investment strategies. To provide successful returns, Editor Zach Scheidt look for companies that show consistent earnings growth regardless of the market conditions.

Gains from Taipan's New Growth Investor recommendations include high-yielding stocks such as: Yingli Green Energy (YGE:NYSE), 115% on US Gold Corporation (UXG:NYSE) and 135% on Energy Conversion Devices (ENER:NASDAQ).

Check out this completely different type of cash payout -- one that stands to pay far more often than dividends and involves tons less risk than tricky option plays.

Collect royalties every year from European natural gas.

Learn more about our Options Trading Research Services.


Guide to Hot Commodities and Currency Market


Sign up now to watch the Hot Commodities and Currency Market Guide.

This broadcast will outline what’s ahead for 2010 and the specific way you can use commodity and currency markets to your advantage.

Free report: Written by Sara Nunnally and Michael Sankowski, Editor includes their Currency Profits Trader includes their currency of choice.

Hot China Gold Coin Market


The China gold coin market is exploding as the price of gold currently sits just off all-time historic highs!

Taipan Publishing Group has uncovered a historic, once-in-a-generation opportunity to own 99.9% pure China gold proof coins.

International collectors are seizing this opportunity because the China Mint only produces a limited number of coins and exports even less.

But there’s a limited quantity, so hurry before these rare China gold coins sell out!

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Investment Glossary

  • Call Option:
    An agreement that gives an investor the right (but not the obligation) to buy a stock, bond, commodity, or other instrument at a specified price within a specific time period....

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