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Option Trading Research Services

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The best “insider” perspectives and opportunities for option trading research strategies.

As a subscriber to our option trading services, you’ll receive an ongoing stream of stock trading recommendations based on experience and proprietary research… any one of which could make you a fortune. By immersing yourself in our option trading analysis, you’ll experience the exhilaration of learning how to trade options and tracking life-changing trades for potential profits.

Currency Profits Trader: Uncover Currency Trends and Forex Trading Opportunities

Currency Profits TraderCurrency Profits Trader provides insight into the foreign exchange market by tracking developing trends and fundamentals. Written by Editor Michael Sankowski, Currency Profits Trader presents expert currency trade recommendations through a combined analysis of fundamental and technical indicators, as well as short- and long-term factors.

With Michael, you’ll learn when to take action and what currency to look at in the fluctuating FOREX currency markets.

Learn more about currency trading and gain an edge on the Forex market.

Justice Litle's Macro Trader: Options Trading and Stock Market Recommendations

Justice Litle's Macro TraderJustice Litle’s Macro Trader combines the specific trading recommendations of a research advisory service... with the guidance of a trading expert. Macro Trader is the result of Editor Justice Litle's nearly 15-year study of the market and the centuries old "Trader's Key" principle, the core of the service.

Truly a global trading research service, Macro Trader has the ability to exploit all liquid asset classes: stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.

Use the "Hungarian Gauntlet" to uncover stocks changed for profits.

Taipan's Velocity Trader: Short-Term, High-Yielding Option Trading Opportunities

Taipan's Velocity TraderTaipan's Velocity Trader is an aggressive option trader service that shoots for exceptional gains in both rising and falling global stock markets.  Editor Zach Scheidt carefully scans thousands of stocks, looking for names that have potential for huge stock price moves and then finds option contracts that will magnify the gains on these opportunities.

Using turbo-charged option contracts that are primed to move exponentially, Taipan's Velocity Trader is loaded with an arsenal of wealth-building tools for maximum gains.

Learn more about this explosive new "Turbo Cap" niche market.

WaveStrength Options Weekly: Easy to Execute Option Trading Strategies

WaveStrength Options WeekEach week, Editors Adam Lass and Bryan Bottarelli uses their successful WaveStrength predictive methodology to uncover the best options play they can find for WaveStrength Options Weekly subscribers.

Remarkably simple, straightforward, and profitable, WaveStrength Options Weekly shows investors what’s really happening, why it matters, and offers a profitable plan for what to do about it.

Learn how easy it can be to make consistent options gains in any market.

Taipan's VIP Inner Circle

Taipan's VIP Inner CircleAs the group's highest investment services membership level, VIP Inner Circle subscribers receive a number of exclusive wealth-building opportunities not available to any other subscription level: every investment research and trading service, invitations to exclusive investment forums, first notifications of Web summits Taipan Publishing Group offers. But that's not all. VIP Inner Circle members automatically receive every new service, newsletter and investment research report we publish... absolutely free of charge.

Contact an Inner Circle Representative at 877-465-1416 to learn membership benefits.


Investment Glossary

  • Call Option:
    An agreement that gives an investor the right (but not the obligation) to buy a stock, bond, commodity, or other instrument at a specified price within a specific time period....

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  • Did you know? All the U.S. coins and bills in general circulation today have a total worth of about $829 billion. Two-thirds of this cash is held overseas.
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